Dear Earth Organic Cloves 75gm

  • It is useful at curing ringworm
  • It is also beneficial for athlete’s foot
  • It provides relief from toothache
  • It helps in preventing cold and flu

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 Dear Earth Organic


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Dear Earth Organic Cloves 75gm


The Dear Earth Organic Cloves is a pack of naturally and organically grown cloves. These cloves are cultivated natural without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. It is absolutely safe and come whole. The cloves have several benefits like helping in treating treat indigestion, diarrhea, hernia, and ringworm, as well as athlete's foot and other fungal infections




  • It helps in preventing fungal infections
  • It helps in treating digestion
  • It is beneficial for diarrhea
  • It is also useful for hernia

About Brand

Dear Earth, an initiative by Amaara Food & Wellness Private Limited is our endeavor to not only offer better nutrition but also to show respect and care for people and the environment. Born out of the belief to create a healthy and sustainable future, Dear Earth join hands with more than 500 farmers across India including farms in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra, and engages in organic farming practices that sustain the health of soil, ecosystem and the people. We seek out the finest organic produce available, maintain the strictest quality standards and have an unshakable commitment to sustainable agriculture. Our motto of Healthy Living, Sustainable Future and Fair Practice emphasizes that our vision reaches beyond business. Our deepest purpose as an organization is helping support the health, well being and healing of both the people and our beautiful planet.

At Dear Earth, we acknowledge that organic certification is the most important to build consumer confidence and trust. Organic certification assures that the products claimed to be organic are actually produced according to organic farming principles and standards. We strictly follow these standards and ensure that the system of agriculture and food production involves the building and enhancing of the soil naturally, protection of the environment, humane treatment of the animals andmost importantly avoidance of any toxic synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.Onecert Asia, a worldwide-recognized inspection and certification agency established under aegis of Oncert Inc. USA, has certified all our efforts in farming and processing under international USDA-NOP and Indian NPOP standards from sowing of seeds

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