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Carrot Ginger Soup


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  • Carrot soup with ginger is a nutritious and low fat soup with just a touch of sweetness.

    Believe it or not! Here is a soup that is healthy, wholesome & nutritious and will make your kids running after you asking for more. We have taken the goodness of carrot and ginger, added selected spices and herbs and made a soup that combines great taste with good health. The combination of carrot and ginger coupled with the nutty flavor of the cashews make this soup rich and creamy. This soup tastes good with a piece of crusty bread or with your favorite sandwich. This recipe is an excellent source of vitamin A, and a rich source of protein, fiber, niacin, and vitamins K, B6, and C, all of which are essential during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The bright orange color of this soup will provide color to your table as well as please your guests' appetites. The combination of sweet carrots, hot-spicy ginger and cool mint works well together. Pour contents into a bowl and heat before serving. Add lemon, salt and pepper to taste.

  • A strong technological understanding of organic cultivation enabled Morarka Organic to successfully introduce organic production in almost every agro climatic zone in India.The company offers a range of food products including cereals, pulses, spices, condiments, masala mixes, oils, ready-to-eat snacks, various kinds of cookies, etc., along with English herbs. The products undergo a strict quality standard check and are certified by several certifications including OneCert Asia Agri Certification as per NOP (USDA), NPOP (Government of India) and EU Standards for Organic Certification. Morarka Organic has also been able to develop in-house technology for CO2 fumigation, so that organic products can be stored longer.


    Nutrition Facts per 100 MiliLiter(s)*

    Calories : 51 kcal

    Calories from Fat :- 23.4

    Total Fat

    2.60 Gram(s)


    0.00 Miligram(s)


    228.00 Miligram(s)

    Total Carbohydrates

    6.30 Gram(s)

    Dietary Fiber

    0.28 Gram(s)


    4.28 Gram(s)


    0.60 Gram(s)

    Vitamin A

    106.40 %(s)


    1.66 %(s)

    Vitamin C

    4.46 %(s)


    1.38 %(s)

    *(approx value) 
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Synthetic Chemical Inputs (e.g. Fertilizer, Pesticides, AntiBiotics, Food Additives, etc), Genetically Modified Organisms, Irradiation, and the Use of Sewage Sludge

We hereby confirm this to the best of our knowledge based on information from our product suppliers & manufacturer.