Aloe Veda Indian Khus Herbal Body Wash 300ml

  • It is a luxurious formula of khus
  • It has a rich blissful rooty scent
  • It helps in charging the mood
  • It helps in healing the skin

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Aloe Veda Indian Khus Herbal Body Wash 300ml


This herbal soap-free cleanser enhanced with Indian Khus (Vetiver) Extracts, Neem and Tulsi lathers up gently in the shower to cleanse the skin and leave it subtly scented with the joyous, blissful rooty scent of Indian Herbs that has uplifted, exhilarated and inspired the Rishi's of yore. Aloe Vera and Glycerine heal, soothe and hydrate your skin to retain moisture after bath.

About Brand

Aloe Veda is a premium collection of personal care products inspired by Aloe Vera and Ayurveda. We offer you a suite of outstanding products that blend together the goodness of the wonder plant Aloe Vera, the secrets of the ancient science of Ayurveda, Healing Natural Herbs and Essential Oils blended with cosmetic grade natural and man-made carriers in a functional form for daily use products such as Bathing Bars, Shampoos, Hair Conditioners, Hand Washes, Face Washes, Body Washes, Moisturizing Creams, Aloe Vera Skin Gels, Hair Oils, Body Butters, Sunscreens and Hand & Body Lotions. Each product is highly functional and a combination of art, nature and technology brought together to give you an unique and next generation wellness experience. Aloe Veda is brought to you by Aloe Veda Personal Care, a Chennai-based wellness company.

Joyfully Free of

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & Harmful Preservatives

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